About Us

Welcome Lovely,

Melissa Velia is not only a international fashion label founded by Designer Melissa Velia. It is also an online shopping destination for unique fashion accessories, one of a kind handbags and must have items, you didn't know you needed!
The Label.  Melissa Velia, a clothing, bow belt and handbag label was founded by Designer Melissa Velia in 2010. The label brings forth one of a kind pieces with vintage inspiration and touches of modern trends.  Each piece is designed and made by hand by Designer Melissa Velia in her Los Angeles, CA based studio.
The Designer. Melissa Velia was born and raised in Los Angles, CA. At a very young age Melissa began designing and sewing her Barbie dolls original clothing.  It was then, her life long passion for the fashion industry began.  Today, Melissa Velia lives fashion. From following fashion, to sourcing fabric and trims, to producing each piece she designs.
"Fabric and vintage fashion, are my greatest inspirations." -Melissa Velia
The Store. Our online store not only brings you the Melissa Velia Label but also fashion accessories carefully chosen from our international vendors by Melissa Velia to coordinate perfectly with our Label.  Giving you an almost complete and fashionable #OOTD (Outfit of the day)